2012-13 National Treasures Basketball Group Case Break

NT Case Break by IBCC. Wow, can’t wait 😀


2012-13 national treasures

YESSSSS!!! Produk terbaik Panini musim ini (2012-13 National Treasures Basketball) akan hadir sesaat lagi di Indonesia, dan IBCC dengan bangga mempersembahkan event  GRUP BREAK perdana.

Mengingat langkanya produk ini di pasaran, kita sangat beruntung bisa mendapatkan sedikit untuk kita break di Indonesia. Semua kita lakukan hanya untuk IBCC dan Indonesia tercinta.

Okay, berikut ini ada beberapa referensi untuk para IBCC-ers yang masih belum terlalu mengerti tentang produk National Treasures ini. Informasinya bisa dilihat di link di bawah ini:

Cukup? Jika masih kurang, sekarang saatnya kita menikmati sendiri break yang kita adakan.

Berikut ini adalah detail dari group break ini:

  1. Total 30 kartu dalam 1 case (10 kartu / box, 3 box / case) yang terdiri dari 27 hits dan 3 base card + 15 kartu Kobe dari Kobe pack (1 Kobe pack di setiap box)
  2. Terdapat total 30 spot dalam break ini. Harga…

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2012-13 Momentum and Gold Standard 2-box Break


Been a while since my last post and also my last box break, so I decided to bust a box of Momentum and a box of Gold Standard Basketball. Well, I regret it a bit, lol. You’ll know why. But at least, I will give my opinion on these 2 products based on these 2 boxes.

First, let’s talk about the Momentum Basketball. I like the look of the box. Looks classy and elegant in spite of many bad things that were said about this product. The base cards are well designed. There were 9 base cards pulled from that box as you can see in the below picture.


Too bad there was no parallel. All the base cards are common ones. Then the box also yielded an insert card, with glossy and shining effect, reminded me with Totally Certified cards (which I don’t like actually). The only one insert I got was this Fat Lever Drive insert /49.


Now, let’s move on with the autos. I got 3 rookie autos (sticker), 1 redemption (Jae Crowder rookie auto), and a Harrison Barnes on-card rookie auto. Pretty good in my opinion. So, here are the last 5 cards from the Momentum break.


Okay, that’s it for the Momentum. Overall, it’s a below average box, but I really like the Barnes on-card auto.

Now let’s move on to the Gold Standard box. I even like this product better than its 2 previous predecessors. With the addition of 1 metal card per box, makes it even sweeter. The Black Gold and White Gold memorabilia cards are also nice, and I think the winner for this year’s Gold Standard release is the on-card rookie autos with their jerseys attached on the cards. Pretty cool.

The base cards are almost the same as previous Gold Standard releases, so no big difference between those years. Got 5 base cards from the box. Here they are:


The rookie autos, which I already mentioned before. Sweet sweet design and very nice looking.


And here are the other hits, including the Black Gold Memorabilia, a metal card, and a Steve Francis Mother Lode sticker auto (booooo).


That’s all for now. Will upload the National Treasures break next week or two. Yeap, I will bust a case of National Treasures Basketball when I get it. Pretty excited about that. Hope we can have a loaded case, just like the 2010-11 case I busted. The video can be watched below: 

Thanks for reading, and appreciate any comment. Stay tuned for the NT BREAK.