Welcome to NimitzBlog | The Official Blog of Nimitz Collectibles

Hi, what’s up? I’m Ed, the owner of Nimitz Collectibles of Indonesia.

After 3 years of serving the Indonesian market for basketball card products (packs, boxes, cases) mainly from Panini America, now we present the brand new blog site for our friends, supporters, and customers to enjoy and have fun. Not only to our Indonesian friends, but hopefully can reach out to our neighboring countries as well as the other part of the world.

Paralleling with existing social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, the main purpose of this site is to document and share more activities that we do, such as box breaks, group break events, community events, Indonesian Basketball Card Community (IBCC) gatherings, and more. We’ll figure out things that we can put here along the way, while I’m learning how to use this site effectively haha.

But first, to celebrate the beginning of this site, we will organize a giveaway contest that everyone should be interested in. I’m thinking about doing something nice for everyone participating, not only for Indonesian, but also for our friends in some major trading card forums on the net.

So stay tuned,  enjoy your stay, and have fun 😀




9 Comments on “Welcome to NimitzBlog | The Official Blog of Nimitz Collectibles”

  1. Rdt says:

    Congratz on the new website, bro. All the best

  2. Windy Leonardo says:

    Makin hari makin canggih aja Nimitz Collectiblesnya. Congratz for new blogs

  3. Mario Susanto says:

    Mantaabs … Two thumbs up bro !!! Makin sukses Nimitz Collectibles!!!

  4. Ronny says:

    Sukses sayang,g dukung terus pokoknya,jgn brenti supply kita org,u have my full support brother

  5. M31ncy says:

    Congrats buat website Nya Ed..Sukses sll n Maju terus IBCC n Nimitzcollectible..God bless

  6. Ed Riady says:

    Thanks a lot for the support and comment guys. Appreciate it 🙂

  7. h34d4r4 says:

    Congrats bro…ini bisa jadi media berkumpulnya temen” pecinta kartu basket

  8. The_Silence says:

    Wow, congrats on the new blog bro Ed 😀

    Salam IBCC !

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